Technological Arts Preservation


Strategies for Keeping It Live: Conservation of Performance
Louise LAWSON - Conservation Manager, Time-based Media, TATE Modern

14.45 Q+A

*The Conference will be held in English with simultaneous translation to Turkish.

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The presentation focuses on the challenges of preserving and conserving performance-based artworks as they enter, live and evolve within a collection, and explore how within conservation there needs to be a shift to protect and sustain our relationship with the unknown outcome and embrace this. Difficulties of including these artworks in existing processes render the pursuit of new methods inevitable to meet their requirements. In her speech, Louise Lawson, the Conservation Manager of Time-based Media at TATE Modern, will highlight the current work in the field, and look at how our conservation process has become a living and evolving one in response to the nature of these works and the challenges they present. There will be a focus on documentation, looking at how such works are currently documented and captured, touching on new modes of documentation as digital technologies develop.

About the Speaker:

Louise Lawson is Conservation Manager for Time-based Media Conservation at TATE Modern. She is responsible for the strategic direction, development and delivery of all aspects relating to time-based media conservation at the institution. This requires working across a wide range of projects and programs: exhibitions, displays, acquisition, loan-outs and collection care initiatives such as the development of a digital repository. She focuses on the documentation and conservation of performance-based artworks within TATE Collection in her current research.