Buluşma…Reunion brings together the works produced by the young artists whose paths, at some point in their lives, crossed with the Sabancı University Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Program and who now work as professional artists, for the first time. Incorporating arts education with a solid scientific foundation, the Sabancı University Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Program came to be increasingly recognized in local and international biennales, expositions and museums in recent years, through the rich, profound and distinct works of its graduates. Today, these young artists are making their marks in art spaces both in Turkey and abroad, distinguishing themselves with their perseverance and flexible vision in the art world, where maintaining permanence and continuity is a constant challenge.  Buluşma…Reunion brings together some of these young artists of varying tendencies and proficiencies, united by their common commitment to produce in the professional art world, on the 15th anniversary of the program’s first course.

As part of the Buluşma… Reunion exhibition, works by the Sabancı University Visual Arts and Visual Communication Program graduates Aslı Narin, Baptiste Croze, Berke Soyuer, Beyza Boyacıoğlu, Burcu Yağcıoğlu, Cemre Yeşil, Deniz Gül, Deniz Üster, Ege Kanar, Egemen Demirci, Elif Süsler, Erdem Taşdelen, Hasan Salih Ay, Hayal Pozantı, İz Öztat, Julia Kul, Onur Ceritoğlu, Tan Mavitan and Meriç Algün Ringborg, who was recently invited to be a part of the 56. Venice Biennale will be exhibited alongside two works by sculptor Bayram Candan, who continued his art practice in the metal studio at the Sabancı University until his untimely passing in 2013.  

Buluşma…Reunion will resound with its youth and energy, and will be open to visit between the dates of April 9 and July 26, 2015.


Bayram Candan
Ser-giy-si, 2003 Bronze 108 × 53 cm
Untitled, 2009 Brass-steel relief 21 × 29.7 cm

Aslı Narin
Routes (Lights), 2014 15 pieces, RC print 50 × 35 cm

Hayal Pozantı
A Promise in Plastic, 2014
Acrylic on canvas 254 × 185.4 cm
Advertising Airship, 2014
Framed vinyl 61 × 45.7 cm
Airmakers, 2014
Framed vinyl 61 × 45.7 cm
Battle Integrator, 2014
Framed vinyl 61 × 45.7 cm
Circumlunar, 2014
Framed vinyl 61 × 45.7 cm
Companion Implant, 2014
Framed vinyl 61 × 45.7 cm

Berke Soyuer
Lima Syndrome, 2011-2015
Razors and staples Variable dimensions

Tan Mavitan
Tank, 2006
Padded leather, metal 300 × 800 × 230 cm

Erdem Taşdelen
Love is…, 2014
Adhesive mural Variable dimensions

Meriç Algün Ringborg
The Library of Unborrowed Books, Section VI, 2015
Sabancı University Information Center, Istanbul

Beyza Boyacıoğlu
Toñita's, 2014
HD video, 21’00”

Onur Ceritoğlu
Reinforcement Balls, 2015
Steel reinforcing bars Variable dimensions

Egemen Demirci
Spectator on White (Homage to Malevich), Part II, 2012
Video, 15’ 20” Actors> Mehmet Okuroğlu Nagihan Gürkan Ayşe Draz Camera Adil Alpakın

Deniz Gül
Apartment, 2013
Gilded text on glass Variable dimensions
Vitrine, 2013
Coating on plywood walnut root, limba, molding wood, carved wood 260 × 100 × 100 cm
Epaulette, 2013
Three pieces CNC cut plywood, matte green paint, chalk Variable dimensions

Elif Süsler
The Saddest Song in the World, 2015
Installation Projection with 12 figures composed of paint and upholstered cloth on plywood

Burcu Yağcıoğlu
Dyptich, Untitled, 2015 Pencil on paper 119.5 × 152 cm (each)
Forever Hungry, 2015
Collage and pencil on paper 44 × 67 cm
Under Pure White, 2015
Collage and pencil on paper 37 × 50 cm
Quite Rare, 2015
Collage and pencil on paper 38 × 67 cm
Up Close and Carefully, 2015
Collage and pencil on paper 40 × 50 cm
All Dry Places and All Floating Things I, 2014
Pencil on paper 121 × 152 cm
A Tall Story, 2013
Collage and pencil on paper 35 × 56 cm
All Dry Places and All Floating Things II, 2015
Pencil on paper 121 × 152 cm
As You Can See, 2013
Collage and pencil on paper 35 × 55 cm

Deniz Üster
Beyond is Before, 2013
HD film, 48’00”
Mixed media installation, 2015
(HD film, stones, sand, cement, glass, earth, wood, screen, speakers)

Hasan Salih Ay
Triptych II: Study for a Single Space at a Museum Undated
Mixed media installation, acrylic on canvas and wheels 40 × 700 × 300 cm

Ege Kanar
I Know Where I Don't Know When, 2010-2014
Backlit durable transparency print 21 × 16 cm

Baptiste Croze
Sculptural Studies (All Black), 2015
Site - specific installation Variable dimensions

Julia Kul
Follow the Code, 2012
Wall drawing Variable size
Acting with a Polish Accent, 2012
Single channel video 7’ 53”

Cemre Yeşil
EXTRACTION, 2013- (From the Milk Tooth series)
Fine art print and diplex print Work in progress

İz Öztat
We Are on the Same Boat, 2013
Sail, projection Variable dimensions

Buluşma…Reunion Exhibition Artist Talks

April 11, Saturday
14.00     Övül Durmuşoğlu (Moderator),  Egemen Demirci, Erdem Taşdelen

April 25, Saturday
13.00     Aslı Çetinkaya ( Moderator ), Onur Ceritoğlu, Tan Mavitan
15.00    Cem Bölüktaş ( Moderator ), Deniz Gül

May 9, Saturday
13.00    Pınar Asan( Moderator ), Ege Kanar, Cemre Yeşil
15.00     Aslı Çentinkaya ( Moderator ),  Berke Soyuer, Hasan Salih Ay

May 23, Saturday
14.00    Elif Gül Tirben ( Moderator ), Aslı Narin, Burcu Yağcıoğlu

June 13, Saturday
14.00    Işın Önol ( Moderator ), İz Öztat

June 27, Saturday
13.00     Meriç Algün Ringborg
14.00     Beyza Boyacıoğlu