SAKIP SABANCI by Kutluğ Ataman

The contemporary art work honouring Sakıp Sabancı is now at the SSM!

The work of art commissioned in 2011 by the Sabancı family to Kutluğ Ataman for the 10th anniversary of his parting from us of Sakıp Sabancı was opened to public viewing at the Sakıp Sabancı Museum. The work aims at reflecting the personality of the much missed leader, with his innovativeness, his sharing and embracing nature, his overriding principle of always giving first priority to people and his love and respect for them. Throughout his life, Sakıp Sabancı who merged with people with his sharp intelligence, his sense of humour and warm manner had many windows opening to life and people. Kutluğ Ataman’s work makes visible all the windows opened by Sakıp Sabancı. 

Kutluğ Ataman, whose movies and digital works have a worldwide audience, created this work which constitutes a moment of silence in honour of Sakıp Sabancı, emphasizing the industrialist’s contribution to the development of technology in Turkey. The basic element of this work which utilizes the most advanced technology in visual arts consists of the people. The work consisting of the passport sized photographs of thousands of people from all walks of life whose paths crossed the famous businessman’s in some way, who supported or were supported by him, shape his portrait, reflecting his sympathetic, tolerant and colourful personality, while implementing an extraordinary artistic idea, ‘beyond time’ as is worthy of Sakıp Sabancı.