Transcending Borders With Brush And Pen

Sakıp Sabancı Museum, in collaboration with Mitsubishi Corporation and Japan Tobacco (JT), is to host an exhibition entitled “Transcending Borders : The Art of Brush and Pen” as part of Japanese Season 2010 in Turkey. With this exhibition, which will be open to the general public between 15th April and 27th June 2010, SSM aims to provide an introduction to the art of calligraphy by displaying fine samples of Ottoman, Far Eastern, and Latin calligraphy. The curatorship of the exhibition will be undertaken by SSM Director Dr. Nazan Ölçer, SSM Consultant Dr. Filiz Çağman, President of the MG School of Latin Calligraphy Ms Muriel Gaggini, and the Director of the Kampo Museum Ms Yuri Harada.

The exhibition “Transcending Borders: The Art of Brush and Pen” encourages visitors to discover the feelings master calligraphers embue into the letters they craft with traditional tools which continue to be used in modern times such as the pen, the brush, ink, and paper. Selections from SSM’s Ottoman-period calligraphy collection and examples of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy from Japan’s Kampo Museum will be on display at the exhibition. In addition, along with the historical samples of Latin calligraphy, there will be famous Turkish texts written by artists from the MG School of Latin Calligraphy. Within the framework of the exhibition, workshops will be hold to teach the art and theory of calligraphy.

Japanese kana phonetic script


Vakfiye (Endowment deed)

Small seal script

Clerical style

Karalama (Calligraphy exercise)

Letter addressed to Pope Innocenzo VIII

Levha (Calligraphic panel)

Tuğra (Imperial monogram) of Sultan Abdülhamid II

Murakkaa (Album)

Illuminated leaf from a Book of Hours

Cursive style

The Genealogy of World Dynasties

Levha (Calligraphic panel)

Illuminated leaf from a Missal

Semi-cursive style

"Transcending Borders with Brush and Pen" at Sakıp Sabancı Museum... Sabancı University Sakıp Sabancı Museum (SSM), in collaboration with Mitsubishi Corporation and Japan Tobacco (JT), is hosting the exhibition entitled “Transcending Borders with Brush and Pen - Selected Works of Eastern and Western Calligraphy” as part of “Japan Year 2010 in Turkey”...