MSA's Restaurant offers a unique restaurant experience to connoisseurs of food and beverage. Menus inspired from around the world are meticulously crafted and served by MSA's chefs and students, accompanied by the breathtaking view of the Bosphorus."


Since 2004, MSA's Restaurant has been the culinary haven of The Culinary Arts Academy of Istanbul (MSA), Turkey's leading culinary school, providing professional training in various titles such as Culinary Arts, Professional Pastry and Bakery, Professional Food and Beverage Management, Professional Bartending and Mixology, and Professional Barista, all meeting international standards.

In the restaurant's menu, dishes inspired from all corners of the world are meticulously prepared and presented in the unique atmosphere of the museum, enriched by the interpretations of MSA chefs.  Accompanying the experienced instructional chefs at the restaurant are the aspiring chefs of the future, currently pursuing their professional training at MSA.

In addition to the restaurant, the MSA Shop, situated on the terrace at the museum entrance, attends to visitors with restricted time, providing an array of hot and cold culinary and beverage choices.